Friday, June 19, 2015

4 Steps to Develop Persistence

DSC_0409Here are the 4 steps to develop persistence, from Napoleon Hill’s personal development classic Think and Grow Rich.  I have been working hard to implement these steps in my own life, and the results come quickly once you are taking action.
Step 1:  A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for it’s fulfillment.
It is very difficult to have persistence if you do not know what you want to achieve, or if you do not care if you achieve it.  Persistence comes from passion!
Step 2:  A definite plan expressed in continuous action.
Take consistent daily action and you will see results.
Step 3:  A mind closed tightly against all negative & discouraging influences.
Give no thought or attention to that which will impede your progress.  Forwards is the only way to travel.
Step 4:  A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.
This is where I can help you, and you can help me.  I am creating accountability partnerships in my life, and I would like you to be involved.  By having shared accountability, we can lift each other up, and achieve greater things than we could on our own.  Contact me directly if you would like to start today.  Communication can be via phone, email or Facebook.  No money is involved.
Napoleon Hill’s 4 steps to develop persistence can help us to take control of our financial destiny.  They can help us to master fear, discouragement and general indifference.  Enjoy the results, and I hope to hear from you!  If you’d like to hear more about how I am creating abundance in my life, click on this link from Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  Freedom is yours for the taking!
Alec Falle Hamilton
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

12 Things That Constitute Real Riches (Napoleon Hill)

DSC_0205In search for wealth and abundance, I have often been distracted by focusing on the money.  Money, money, money…. Money makes the world go round.  But does it?  Not according to the wise.  Here are the 12 things that constitute real riches, from Napoleon Hill’s personal development classic Think and Grow Rich.
#1.  A positive mental attitude.  (Observe that it heads the list)
#2.  Sound physical health
#3.  Harmony in human relations
#4.  Freedom from fear
#5.  The hope of future achievement
#6.  The capacity for applied faith
#7.  Willingness to share ones blessings with others
#8.  To be engaged in a labor of love
#9.  An open mind on all subjects toward all people
#10.  Complete self discipline
#11.  Wisdom with which to understand people
#12.  Financial Security
Again, let’s observe where money falls on this list (last in line), and what comes first:  A positive mental attitude. Personally, I am working hard on “freedom from fear” and “complete self discipline”.  I plan to start practicing martial arts, possibly aikido or capoeira, to improve my self discipline and physical health.  Daily yoga should help with this as well.  Once these things become habits, they are easy to maintain and enjoy.  It is the process of switching habits which can be quite difficult.  It helps to surround yourself with people who display the habits that you wish to acquire, rather than the ones that you are leaving behind.  As they say, show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.
Many blessings,
Alec Falle Hamilton
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

30 Day Life Improvement Course. Free, because I care.

I have always wanted to help other people.  I feel that I am a good listener and a good friend.  However, It's very easy to get distracted by money.  If you are in survival mode, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, how can you spend meaningful time helping other people?

For some time, I became obsessed with getting rich.  I though that I deserved to be wealthy, and was frustrated that it was not happening for me yet.  Then I heard Zig Ziglar speaking about "value to society".  He says that your earnings are in direct proportion to the amount of value that you provide to society.  This hit me hard, because I was struggling with money, I was unable to amass savings, and I was not getting paid highly.  I also objected in some ways.  For instance, public school teachers are quite low on the pay scale, but they are obviously providing a great service to society.  What we have to consider here is the going rate for your services, and the people who you are serving.  Public school teachers are not getting paid highly because they are serving children, and they are doing it for free.  They will never exceed the going rate for the service which they are providing.

Therefore, if you are in a business with a limited income potential, your income will always be limited.  Simple enough.  With this in mind, I am expanding my offerings so that I can help more people.  If I am only selling paintings, I will always be limited by the number of paintings that I can create, and the market value of my work.  I am expanding my online presence so that more people will be able to enjoy my artwork, and more people will be able to own and share it if they like what they see.  I have started promoting affiliate offers so that I can create residual income from the traffic that my websites generate.  I have started creating blog posts and youTube videos to create a larger following, and to share my voice with people all over the world.  If you believe in what I am doing, I invite you to share and follow these efforts, and I will be happy to do the same for you.  But that's not the point of this blog post.

What I am driving towards is this:  How can I help you?  I was born to serve humanity, and to create beauty and love in this world (My name literally means 'helper of mankind').  With that in mind, I am offering a Free, 30 day Life Improvement course for the first 8 people to sign up.  What does that mean?

What I've found is that Self-Improvement is greatly enhanced by accountability.  If you are on your own, and nobody cares what you are working towards, then it can be quite the uphill struggle.  If you don't know what you are working towards, it is basically impossible.  I am offering to be there for you, help you clarify your goals, and encourage you towards that progress that you wish to achieve.  Completely free, because I care.  Here's what it includes specifically:

2 Phone consultations

2 Email consultations

1 Life Improvement Work Sheet

1 Goal Setting Work Sheet

2 Publications of your goals on my Inspiration TurboCharge page (optional)

1 Summary + Future Action Plan

Again, I am only providing this service (for Free) to 8 people this month.  First come, first serve.

I wish you great success in your endeavors, and I hope to hear from you!


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Seven Ways to Let Love In

Love is right there for us.  Always and every day, it is available to every person.  A couple steps that will help you Love more:
Number One:  Love yourself.  Every day.  Be good to yourself, eat healthy, sexercise, and feed your soul (it knows what it needs).  Before you know it, people will be contacting you from all over the place, wanting to interact with you!
Number Two:  Be Honest in your dealings.  It is very hard to let Love in if you are lying to yourself, or to the people around you.  It brings in bad energy, and people will be repelled by this (even if they don't know why).
Number Three:  Open up to others.  Look people in the eyes when you speak with them.  Listen to what they have to say, and share what you are feeling yourself.  Even sharing things about you that you feel are negative, can be a way to positively connect with others.  They can tell when you are opening up to them, and they will often do the same.  But don't just complain to people.  If you constantly give people negative feelings, they will not want to spend time with you anymore.  Positivity attracts Positivity.  Love attracts Love!
Number Four:  Get on your path.  Our souls want to work towards something.  If you are stagnant in your life, if you are unhappy with your job, your relationships or anything else, figure out where the problem is and deal with it.  I've often ignored problems, hoping that they would disappear.  They rarely do.  They often get worse.  Now I'm aspiring to be proactive not reactive.  We are in control of our own lives!
Number Five:  Speak your truth, write your truth, act your truth (BE your truth).  That means an honest expression of who you truly are, not who society expects you to be.  There is great power within us, often just below the surface, waiting to be unleashed.
Number Six:  Open your chakras!  I'm definitely still working on this one, but I've found that the difference is very tangible.  Regardless of your spiritual or religious affiliation, just look at a diagram of the Chakras on a human, and imagine yourself aligning them.  It has especially helped me to imagine this while I am walking.  Before, I was hunched forward, closing my throat (representing Speaking your Truth).  Now when I walk, I just hold my head upright and align my chakras.  It has totally changed how I feel, how I look and even how others react to me.
Number Seven:  Every moment you can decide:  Love or Fear?  With each action, each reaction and every decision, choose Love.  Seriously, Love is the best.  We all have it available to us in every moment.
Lots of Love,
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One Human Family

I truly believe that we are in this together.  We find ourselves on this beautiful planet, this abundant planet, with the task of living in harmony and peace.  We are all children of mother earth, therefore we are all brothers and sisters.
This is a change that I have made recently in my thinking.  I am referring to men as brothers, and to women as sisters.  It creates a powerful connection, a feeling of family, and a positive bond.  If we the people can create space in our hearts to make this change, we have the power to transform our global community.
It starts with small steps, right where you are.  Just try the words, see how they feel.  If it feels inauthentic, remember that we all do have the same mother.  The Mother Earth provides us with the food that we eat, the water that we drink and the air that we breathe.  We cannot survive without her.  Our separations into groups of race, ethnicity, and nationality are only superficial.  We must see the deeper truth.  I'm sending lots of Love to my brothers and sisters all over the world.
Alec Falle Hamilton
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Life Skills (Engage your Core)

The core is defined as "the central or innermost part, the basic or most important part, the crucial element or essence." (
Recently I have been focusing on engaging my core during certain physical activities, and exercising my core more regularly and with greater intensity.  This led me to consider my metaphorical core; my spiritual core.  What is the crucial element, or essence, of my being?  What I am truly made of?
With this self-reflection, I have come to realize that I am often weak-willed, impatient, and I have a tendency towards escapism.  I have big goals and dreams, but my daily actions were not in alignment with my vision of the future.  In the future, I want to win mountain bike races, but in the past I was drinking beer and staying up late.  In the future, I want to be a famous artist, but in the past I was not creating or promoting my art.  In the future, I want to be financially successful and secure, but in the past I was making frivolous purchases and not keeping track of my finances.  The list goes on and on.  All of these inconsistencies were creating inner conflict, and it was making me more miserable than I would care to admit.
However, I'm not here to beat myself up.  I'm here to make positive and lasting improvements to myself, and to help others do the same.  I realized that many of these issues came down to core strength.  At the core of my being, I was undetermined and weak-willed.  Now I am determined to do the work.  I am determined to develop the strength of my will, and I can do this every day.  Any little task that I do not want to do, I look at it as a will power test.  With this in mind, it is easy to do the dishes, get the laundry done and take the trash out.  As my inner strength grows, it becomes easy to do difficult things as well, because I have faith in my power and my ability to persevere.
I am connecting this metaphorical core strength development with my physical training.  I have started to focus on my core when I am doing my other activities (skiing, cycling, juggling, yoga, sexercise, etc.).  Core strength is the foundation of all physical talents.  And while great skill can be achieved without great core strength, these skills will be taken to the next level with a strong core.  So I now see my core exercises as not only a means to create a strong body, but also a pathway to a strong inner core, a powerful essence.
From the core of my being,
Alec Falle Hamilton
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Secrets of The Millionaire Mind (Review of a Book Review)

Here are some fundamental differences between wealthy people and poor people.  Great news, we are in control of all of these behaviors!  Here are Eight of the contrasting mindsets of the rich and the poor:
Number One:  Rich people think Big, Poor people think small.  For instance, a poor person will spend valuable time and energy trying to save a couple bucks at the grocery store, while a rich person will spend that time cultivating their personal value, so that they don’t have to worry about a couple dollars.
Number Two:  Rich people focus on opportunities, Poor people focus on obstacles.  Life is full of both, but we can choose which one to focus and act upon.  Every day, I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to work for myself, to be an artist and an entrepreneur, and to create the freedom that I desire (not deserve).  You see, feeling like I deserved to be wealthy was actually keeping me from taking action and being in control of my own life.  The Universe does not care if you are rich, or poor, or in between, it simply responds to the actions and vibrations that you are transmitting.
Number Three:  Rich people admire other rich people, Poor people resent rich and successful people.  I was definitely in this boat, especially when I moved to Vail, Colorado, and was taking rich people’s children skiing for a job.  I felt that I deserved to be wealthy, and couldn’t understand why I was making low wages as a ski instructor, while all these people were on vacation in Vail.  Of course, later I changed my tune, and saw their wealth and abundance as an encouragement and an inspiration to create the same for myself and my loved ones.
Number Four:  Rich people are willing to promote themselves, poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.  This was another thing that I was doing wrong.  I thought that just by wishing to be a successful artist, the money and commissions would just come to me.  Everybody who is working for money is selling themselves.  It is a matter of how much personal value we can create.
Number Five:  Rich people choose to get paid based on results, poor people choose to get paid based on time.
Number Six:  Rich people manage their money well, poor people mismanage their money well.  With this one, it is important to think about assets and liabilities.  Assets are ideally increasing in value or creating cash flow for you and your business, liabilities are decreasing in value or taking cash flow from you and your business.  It is very important to keep in mind that you are your number one asset.  Therefore, personal development, healthy food and exercise are all valuable things to spend your money on.
Number Seven:  Rich people have their money work hard for them, poor people work hard for their money.  This is a similar concept.  Analyze your asset column and your liability column.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, just take an honest look and see where you can make changes.  There is no “get rich quick” button, rather, a series of behaviors that can grow your wealth over time.
Number Eight:  Rich people constantly learn and grow, poor people think they already know.  Feeling poor and refusing to take action to improve your situation is like feeling bored and refusing to do anything interesting.  Let’s take control of our own lives!  Again, personal development is the most valuable thing that you can invest in.  It can take many forms, and it should never end.  Nobody has it all figured out.  There is always more to learn.  I feel deep gratitude to be learning and growing every day.  Thanks for joining me on the journey!
And remember, Safety Third!  (behind fun and learning)
This review is based on the book review by FightMediocrity on youTube:
Which is based on the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker.  If somebody would like to create a review of my review of a review of T. Harv Eker’s book, I think that would be fitting.  Let me know!
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